Hawthorn — they/them/theirs

Scots-Irish, born in the mountains of East Tennessee, I have always loved exploring nature and learning about my plant and animal neighbors. ​My family moved to Wisconsin in 2008, where I attended UW-Whitewater. Taking classes in education and fine arts, I completed an Associate’s Degree in 2013.

After a few years of working in galleries and frame shops, I went back to school at Milwaukee Area Technical College, completing certificates in Greenhouse Growing and Wisconsin Native Plants, as well as a Permaculture Design Certificate from Gateway Technical College in Kenosha (2017).

I have independently studied herbalism for over a decade, and have attended herbal guild meetings, workshops, and conferences in the Madison and Milwaukee areas. I hope to continue the work of many herbalists and wise folk who have come before me, encouraging harmony and prosperity through ecological reciprocity.

I am working with several local groups in order to build resources for queer folk in rural areas. If you are interested in queer farming and ecology, do get in touch!

My experience with mental illness, religion, and trauma recovery have led me to explore many ideas about community, history, body, and identity. I have found great wisdom in the works of Robin Wall Kimmerer, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Sonya Renee Taylor, Brene Brown, Bessel Van der Kolk, and many others.

In my personal time, I enjoy hiking with my partner and dog, studying, creating art, and working in my garden.


The Hedgerow is a multi-faceted project that strives to inform and inspire people in South-Central Wisconsin about the positive impact that connection with the land can provide – environmentally, culturally, and personally. It draws from permaculture principles, radical ecology, and the shared knowledge of many peoples and disciplines.


The Hedgerow is based upon a seemingly simple idea: that by healing the connection with the land, individuals can begin the process of healing themselves and their community. The Hedgerow also functions on a community-supported basis. The following values guide my work:

Social Justice — Access to clean land and water is a human right, and the foundation of a healthy culture. Without equitable land management and water stewardship, we cannot have a sustainable future.

Fair Access – I accept payment for my services in multiple forms, including barter and trade. Some projects may require supplies to be purchased. I will always try to find a payment option that works for my clients, and to make my work accessible to all peoples.

Individual Wisdom – I am not a guru or master. I recognize that each individual has something to teach, and strive to empower others and expose exploitation.

Honesty – I am a one-person show! I will strive to uphold any agreements made or to communicate clearly about any issues. There may be some projects that I feel are not within my expertise or ability, and I will be glad to recommend a larger landscaping company or other organization that can help where I cannot.

Respect – for the land, for water, and for sky. For all creatures, human or otherwise, that share the world with us. For the cultures and life-ways of all peoples. For myself and my own limitations, for others and theirs.

Abundance – Without the damage caused by rampant consumerism, the Earth can easily provide for all of us. By living in accordance with the principles of respect and reciprocity, we can begin to heal both land and people.

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