Healing the Land. Healing the Self

The Hedgerow is a small scale project focused on healing people, community, and land through personal action. It is run by Hawthorn McCracken, an herbalist, horticulturist, and peer educator. I currently live and work in the occupied homelands of the Ho Chunk people.

My work combines scholarly disciplines with personal intuition, using many ways of knowing. I am a witch and gardener of European descent, working to create new traditions or revive the old. In the tradition of the village witch, I offer my services for cash, barter, or trade.

Find your roots & get wild

In European folklore, witches are often said to be “riding the hedge” or travelling with spirits of the night. The hedge was a living wall surrounding a village or homestead to keep the Wild and Other outside. But unlike a wall, a hedge is an ecosystem in itself — instead of simply creating a boundary, it is a liminal space in which strange creatures may dwell.

Permaculture principles emphasize the use of marginal spaces. Often the mixed ecosystem of a savanna or wood’s edge has more abundant plant and animal life than either the forest or the grassland — because members of both communities can move through the shared marginal space. In nature, diversity is a strength. By creating a sacred space in which beings of many types are welcome, the Hedgerow aims to make life a little bit more wild, weird, and free.

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