Garden Design

Each landscaping project is a unique opportunity to improve the health of the land, relationships, and systems it sustains. My work emphasizes the use of permaculture principles, native plants, and edible perennials. I have learned from instructors in many horticultural fields, from Organic Farming to Arboriculture, and use a variety of methods to best help both land and inhabitants.

We begin with a free site assessment. This will include taking stock of water, sunlight, and wind in the area, as well as observing the health of the extant plants and soil.

Then the client and I will discuss their ideas and needs for the space, and I will create an estimate for the cost of the project. Clients can approve or change this estimate, after which I will create a drawing of the finished space and we can begin work!

Folks are welcome to hire me for only design and planning, and then install plants themselves, or to retain my services for installation and maintenance. I am happy to recommend local resources for affordable plants, seeds, and other landscape services.

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